Our approach to Agile testing hasn’t really changed much over the years, although we have got better at formalising it. After seven years of using whiteboards, we recently moved over to a web-based solution (Jira with the Greenhopper plugin), so my piccie below is of our electronic board. I’ve done a bit of blurring for… Read more »

If you have been planning and your implementations never seem to match your plans, you are not alone. No plan survives the battlefield. Fundmentally this tends to be because the underlying plan is flawed due to the Planning Fallacy. Anyone interested in this topic should read Why Plans Fail: Cognitive Bias, Decision Making And Your… Read more »

There are no new ideas in agile! This is usually a controversial statement that we regularly begin our agile training courses with. Here are a selection of our favourite ancient agile quotes from throughout history!

In addition to developer-drive unit and integration testing, it is very important to create realistic data sets for acceptance / gui / performance / “ility” etc testing. Creating such a realistic data set is challenging. Realistic data is not ideal data. It is frequently “invalid” data that should not even be in the system in… Read more »

The transition from being a waterfall tester into being an Agile tester can be a rocky road for some! Over the years, McKenna Consultants have developed a wide experience of Agile testing.