What actually is agile? Is it a buzzword? Is it a new thing? Is it a phase? I heard lots of definitions of agile, but here are some that I think summarise it quite well.

The topic of feature (or User Story) size is usually a surprising one for teams that are new to Agile. Teams are frequently used to working and releasing very large user stories. Although there is no definite “correct” size for a user story, my vague rule of thumb is that User Stories should on average… Read more »

For seven years I have been training, coaching and consulting on Scrum, Agile and lean software development practices. I have coached teams to deliver immensely successful projects in the public and private sectors and I have learned a huge amount along the way too!

As part of work I often get involved in security reviews for my software development clients. If you are selling software to a listed company (plc etc) or a larger privately owned company, the chances are that sooner or later you will face one of these beasts. Generally the security review is first presented to… Read more »

At McKenna Consultants we have embraced Agile right from our inception way back in 2004. We believe in the Agile Manifesto, although we like to add an emphasis on quality and professionalism throughout the 4 key points. We have adapted various elements of the Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban processes to develop  a fluid, efficient,… Read more »