One of the cornerstones of our commitment to developing software in a professional and Agile manner is to deliver as rapidly as possible. Rapid delivery means:

  • We deliver valuable, working software to our clients as soon as possible
  • We get feedback on successes and areas for improvement more quickly which improves quality and reduces cost simultaneously
  • Software gets installed on real, production hardware quickly which reveals any hardware compatibility issues early on
I have spent a lot of today utilising Microsoft Azure (a cloud computing platform) as an infrastructure for deploying a Windows Service (the old-fashioned kind!) to a server.
Since we move through development, UAT and production hardware with new software, we wanted to relieve the difficulty of copying files manually between servers. Our deployment process has been modified to use Azure as a medium for file copying.
This is all an excellent prelude for the McKenna Control Centre which we have scheduled for the next couple of months. The McKenna Control Centre is our next generation client self-management platform. It will give our clients the ability to perform their own deployments to UAT and production environments rather than having to schedule the time in with us.
Overall, we should be able to significantly reduce our current 22 minute deployment time down to just a couple of minutes which is great news for everyone!