In addition to developer-drive unit and integration testing, it is very important to create realistic data sets for acceptance / gui / performance / “ility” etc testing. Creating such a realistic data set is challenging. Realistic data is not ideal data. It is frequently “invalid” data that should not even be in the system in the first place. This is especially important when dealing with legacy systems with poor data controls or systems where there are several sources of input for data. The most frequently encountered data repository for McKenna Consultants is a classic relational database. Read more »

The transition from being a waterfall tester into being an Agile tester can be a rocky road for some! Over the years, McKenna Consultants have developed a wide experience of Agile testing. Read more »

I’ve written before about the dangers of complacency in an Agile environment. Once you have established daily scrums, Kanban boards etc, it’s very easy to stop asking bigger questions about your software development process. One of my favourite concepts in Agile to examine closely with a team is the Sprint (AKA Timebox or Iteration).
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