It’s the end of another week at McKenna Consultants HQ and despite it being “Black Friday” today, we will not be venturing out to the shops or offering any one time crazy discounts today either!

After a hectic last few weeks, we have enjoyed a very productive week in the office, with all of the team in and able to work together on lots of client projects! On more than one day this week, the team have managed to work on 7 (yes, seven) different projects using a range on technical expertise. These seven projects have seen the team using WPF, Web Forms, MVC, Android and Objective C (for iOS)! We have also been developing some interactive software for a University to project onto a large screen using a Google Chromecast!

Our agile training and consultancy is continuing to go from strength to strength this week. We have already started to book in An Introduction into Agile Software Development courses for 2015. The first one is for a client at their offices in York in February! Nick also gave a presentation on Tuesday on how to use and apply Kanban to any business. The response to this was fantastic. We are always astounded at how something that we have done for years can be so revolutionary to other businesses!

In other news, our popular Yorkshire Advent Calendar saw it’s most recent update published by Apple on their AppStore in time for 1st December. We managed to get the update submitted just in time before Apple closed down for Thanksgiving! You can find out more about the update here and find out more about our other free Christmas apps here.