McKenna Consultants Core Values

At McKenna Consultants, we are proud of our excellent reputation for our solid delivery of high quality software and agile services. We have many underlying principles and values that we believe have contributed to our success. To explore and define these values more thoroughly, we held a team values retrospective at the end of our last sprint.

During the 2 hour retrospective, we came up with many ideas and reasons why we wanted to come to work. We eventually settled on the following:

Our Mission

Finding better ways to deliver products

Our Core Values

  • To act in the best interests of our customers
  • Quality Driven Delivery (QDD)
  • Pro active, diverse and excellence in technology
  • Great relationships

To act in the best interests of our customers

We value acting in the best interests of our customers over the best interests of ourselves

At McKenna Consultants we believe in being fair with all of our customers. We make decisions not on what would benefit us, but more so on what would benefit our customers. We strive to find the best solution for them, not the most profitable, easiest or convenient solution for us. Our customers employ us to add value to their organisation, therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that we focus on the delivery of value quickly and consistently.

Quality Driven Delivery (QDD)

We value focusing on delivering quality over doing a quick and cheap job

Quality is at the heart of everything that we do at McKenna Consultants. From writing code, automating tests, delivering training courses, coaching teams to writing sales proposals, we believe that quality comes first. We will not flex the quality of our work and hold each other accountable for the quality that we produce. We are proud of the products and services that we deliver and expect our customers to be proud too. We will not do a fast, cheap or poor job. We aim to do the job right, to the highest standard possible. Focusing on technical excellence and quality enhances our agility.

Pro active, diverse and excellence in technology

We value continual education and improvement in our fields over doing and knowing the same tomorrow as we did today

In an increasingly competitive world, McKenna Consultants strives to continue to learn, discover and excel in our domain. We actively seek out new technologies, frameworks and ideas to enhance the quality of our work and increase the value delivered to our customers. We place a high value on our continued professional development and provide our team with the time, budget, technologies and freedom to deepen or expand our understanding in our field.

Great relationships

We value great relationships over short term gains

It is no coincidence that many of our customers have been with McKenna Consultants since we established in 2004. Our original company motto was “Great Relationships, Solid Delivery”. Through the continued solid delivery of quality and value to our customers, we have been able to nurture great, long lasting relationships and friendships with many of our customers, supplies and partners. It is important that not only do we enjoy working together as a team, but we also enjoy working together with our customers. The close partnerships that we forge with customers and suppliers means that we understand and appreciate each other’s businesses and allow us to become ingrained in the culture when working together. The great relationships come naturally to McKenna Consultants as a result of the work that we deliver.

Result of the McKenna Consultants Core Values Retrospective