It is quite a rarity these days that the whole team is in the office for most of the week, but this week has been one of those weeks! We have managed to get lots of what we love done – computer programming. The team have got very excited about the HealthKit app that is now well underway!

We are on the verge of submitting our first HealthKit iOS8 iPhone and iPad app to Apple’s AppStore after a good solid week of programming. We don’t want to give too much away about the app before it is released, but we can let you know a few things. The app is going to be available on iOS7 and above on the iPhone (including the brand new iPhone 6 and 6+) and iPad. However, in order to enjoy the full functionality of the app, we recommend using it on a HealthKit enabled device. We have built the app ourselves and received some expert advice regarding content from our long standing client MoreLife. And finally, the app is going to be available in time for Christmas with a festive theme! We are really excited about this one!

In other iPhone related news, we got our hands on the new iPhone6+! We absolutely love it and our apps look great on it! The new HealthKit app looks great and has provided us with some great technical knowledge to add to our experience! When working with HealthKit you can get to some useful data such as weight, nutritionals and steps, and you can even get how many times you have fallen over!!

Moving on to more app work, we are having a kick off meeting next week with a new client for some windows based application work, with a companion app. The project is a innovative new product which we will tell you more about once we are allowed!

You may have read that our CEO, Nick was presenting at DDD North 2014 last Saturday. His trademark presentation “There Is No Agile” went down superbly at the end of what was a really useful and informative day! There is a great blog post here about the day and Nick’s talk. Nick was astonished by the amount of software teams there who have not yet established a stable velocity! This is such a common occurrence when we are working with new Agile Consultancy clients – one which we are quick to solve! Besides presenting, Nick also attended some other presentations. You can read about his thoughts on the day on his blog.

Speaking of blogs, our Commercial Director Aaron has also set up his blog to compliment Nicks. You can read Aaron’s blog here.

So there we have it, another busy week comes to a close with more new stuff going off next week!