This week has been an eventful week at McKenna Consultants and for more reasons that the snow! We are a determined bunch here and still all made it into the office on Wednesday and kept up our appointments in Lancashire despite the weather’s best efforts!

This week we have kicked off a new project supplying Agile Project Management services to a client that provides web portals for local authorities. The project entails managing the end client, development teams and the various third party suppliers that the system will integrate with. The project was initially for one end client, but is now for 3! This project is going to give us an opportunity to really get into some of the challenges of running a project with cross located team members!

We have also been working closely with MoreLife to get their brand new weight loss programme into production. The programme is a tier 2.5 enhanced weight management service that offers free access to a 12 week 90 minute group-based weight management programme offered within the Hospital Trust by MoreLife. MoreLife is different from other approaches that tell people what they “should do” to lose weight. Although MoreLife talk about food and activity in their sessions, they use an established and proven cognitive behavioural approach that focuses on an individual’s current relationship with food and activity, and, in particular, the connection between feelings, thoughts and behaviours. MoreLife believes that this will provide the tools for sustainable weight loss. All of MoreLife’s sessions are delivered by weight management practitioners with a background in psychology and nutrition and specialist input from a registered dietician and clinical psychologist. We have created a new application form and process to manage this for MoreLife. This project was also delivered using our trademark agile project management techniques.

From a sales point of view, we have been investigating helping a company with a health and lifestyle app, a cross platform e-learning app and also looking to integrate a relatively unknown CRM platform with a WordPress website. We have done so many systems integrations over the years that we are building a solid reputation as one of the best in the business for this!
We just hope that the snow now stays away next week to allow us to crack on!