There has been no rest for the wicked again this week at McKenna Consultants. This week has seen some great progress on on-going projects, new leads and some creative ideas for some fun, festive apps!

This week we kicked off a project to create a payment portal for district energy projects. We had a team meeting on site with the Client and their development team to get the required information and get the ball rolling. As we are working in Harrogate and the Client is based elsewhere, we have been making the most of Skype, holding daily stand ups with the team. We have been making great strides on the project and hope to have a case study in the Our Work section of our website very soon!

If you have been following us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you will have probably seen the latest app that we have built and successfully deployed to the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store! The Story of Jesus app is a great app with a Client who is a pleasure to work with! You can read more about the app here.

Our CEO, Nick, has also been in London for a couple of days this week providing some follow up agile consultancy. The Client has put their teams through our Introduction to Agile Software Development course and is now seeking our guidance to implement some changes. We have found that this is a highly effective approach when looking to implement an agile process.

Some of you may remember that last year we produced the Yorkshire Advent Calendar App to countdown the days to Christmas. Well, it’s coming close to festive season again so we have begun work on this year’s advent calendar app! This year’s app is going to be much more exciting with new designs, features and importantly Apple Health Kit integration. We are working closely with an existing Client on this app to make it extra special, so watch this space!

The demand for our app development services and agile consultancy has continued to flourish this week with leads and referrals coming in on a daily basis. One agile consultancy lead said that they got in touch as they looked at our website and that we “were the only company offering agile consultancy who looks like they actually know what they are doing”. This is the exact message that we want to get across to people. We haven’t just read the agile books and blogs, we are out there working with real teams and working on agile projects so that all of our advice is based on real experience. We are delighted to say that we welcomed this Client aboard on Friday afternoon!

We are now just over a week away from the McKenna Consultants sponsored DDD North speaker dinner and the actual event the day after. The event is now fully booked and over 300 keen software development professionals on the waiting list, so we cannot wait to give our presentation!

Finally, we have had a bit of fun in the office this week after we had McKenna Consultants hoodies and t-shirts delivered for the team! We are now all proudly wearing our branded clothing!

It’s been another busy at McKenna Consultants, just how we like it!