Another week draws to a close, one week closer to Christmas and we are starting to ramp up the work at McKenna Consultants HQ!

This week has been a great one, with the highlight being the UK Agile Awards in London on Thursday night. We travelled down and enjoyed a great evening, but unfortunately we didn’t pick up the award that we were nominated for! We are still proud to have been recognised in our field and honoured to have been there!

In terms of development this week, we have been cracking on with the WPF leisure/entertainment software for a Client in Leeds. We have made some solid progress on the project this week, determining the user experience and how the software interacts. On Monday we had a project kick off meeting with a local university for an Android app. This is going to be a visually stunning piece of work so we will be hoping to get the client’s seal of approval to show it off on the website once it has been launched.

Wednesday saw us return to a client who provide software to the education sector to do some more agile consultancy involving a product ownership presentation to the business and a retrospective with the development team. This was an eventful day and provided us with some real success stories! Prior to our first visit a month ago, the development team of 5 people were spending 6 hours on day 1 of the sprint doing sprint planning. This was a big pain point for the team. Through our coaching, the team have been able to reduce this to 1 hour per sprint, saving a combined 25 hours per sprint! That is nearly a full time person for a week! Interestingly, the team’s velocity has remained stable and the team are visibly happier!

This week we have also submitted an update to the Yorkshire Advent Calendar iOS app to the AppStore ready for the Christmas Fun! Finally, for a little bit of fun, we have decided that it’s time to put up the Christmas decorations to our website homepage and various social media channels!