As the end of another week draws to a close, we move one week closer to Christmas, which means that this week marks the announcement that our annual festive app is now live on the AppStore!

You will have probably seen across our social media channels that we have released the ElfKit Festive Fitness Advent Calendar App for iOS8. This unique app not only counts down to Christmas, but also integrates with HealthKit. You can find out more about it across our website.

In other news this week, we have began a significant amount of work on a Windows application, starting with an installer. The actual application is written in WPF, which means that a couple of the team are having to recall past knowledge and brush up on their skills! All good fun! We are a talented bunch and able to dip in and out of different programming languages as we need to! We have also worked on a new phase of work for long standing customer Wolseley on their bespoke change management software. We have a great relationship with our contact there and it is always fun making improvements to their system! The number of users interacting with the system on a daily basis now is a real reward for the team!

We have also had a little time this week to improve some of our internal processes. One of the team has created an application to integrate with our electronic kanban (JIRA) and automatically draw a burndown chart! You can read more about this on Aaron’s blog.

As well as some sales meetings this week, Aaron has been booked in next week to provide some follow up consultancy in Newark. This session is based on product ownership and catching up with the product development team. The client described the changes in the team as “phenomenal” after one session of agile consultancy with Aaron!

We have had a tremendous and fun week at McKenna Consultants with a stacked outĀ backlogĀ and are really looking forward to next week, especially as we are attending the UK Agile Awards as Aaron has been nominated for “Best Agile Coach of Mentor – Process”, wish him luck!