At McKenna Consultants, we are like the majority of people who dread the annual 1 to 1 appraisal. Rather than moaning about doing it like we do every year, we decided to explore what we could do instead using some Management 3.0 practices.

At McKenna Consultants, we are evangelistic about experimenting with new ideas, mixing them with old ones and cherry picking our favourite or most effective ideas from a variety of frameworks, methods and practices. We are not bound to any particular body or framework, instead we opt to implement the best flavour of ideas for each individual… Read more »

One of the major drivers for the need for organisations to be more agile, is globalisation meaning that, from a personal point of view, I have the luxury of scouring the internet for the cheapest place to purchase my favourite brand of whey protein, or where my next holiday destination may be. From a the… Read more »

McKenna Consultants are excited to offer you a fantastic opportunity to become a more effective agile leader by attending the only Management 3.0 two day training course in England outside of London. On completion of the course, you will gain Management 3.0 certification and open your mind to the future of management. The course is priced… Read more »