We have an awful lot going on at the moment at McKenna Consultants! We are actively engaged in Agile consultancy and ongoing product development with one of our favourite clients. The stand up today was great and showed some good progress on the latest project (I have to be a little circumspect as to what that project actually is at the moment!) Rik looks pretty happy about how things are going!

We are helping Rik and his colleagues optimise their software development process and we are picking up some of the slack in terms of their .Net work too.
In other news, Apple continued their ceaseless deliveries to us. Today’s gift was a shiny new Mac mini which we are trialling for occasional iPhone and iPad software development. We think a pretty low-end Mac mini should be able to handle iPad programming, so we decided to put the idea to the test. Our other Mac hardware is all pretty high end, so this should be interesting…


I also learned something pretty strange this evening about OSX and iOs. Did you know that AirDrop is not supported between these two operating systems??? I had some files on my iPad I wanted to quickly drop on to the new Mac mini, but try as I might I could not get it work! OSX to OSX is fine. iOs to iOs is fine. Mixing the two? #fail