I promised another Surface 3 update and here it is!
I am getting on very well with the Surface 3. Things are going even better today since my docking station arrived.

I’ve got some mini-display port to VGA / DVI connectors and cables, so everything is almost perfect. I say “almost” because of an annoying Windows 8 feature. Many others have noted this on the World Wide Wait, so I am not alone. The problem is that the Surface 3 display is too good! it 2160 x 1440 pixels on a very small screen. My other two monitors (in the photo above – ignore the cabling disaster) are both 1920 x 1200 on a 24″ monitor.

This means that the Surface 3 have a much higher DPI than the monitors. This in turn means that the Surface must be scaled up a bit (125%) for text to be readable and for my human fingers to reliably click icons and buttons. Sadly, Windows 8 does not allow you individually set up scaling on a per display basis (despite a confusing option in “Display” that indicates that you can do this.

What this means is that I can either have:

  • Two 24 inch monitors scaled correctly and almost unreadable small text on the Surface; or
  • Two 24 inch monitors with huge icons and text on it and normal scaling on the Surface

I’ve gone for the former option as the Surface is just an added bonus in a three display setup!

Other than that and my previously document power / WiFi problem, the Surface is awesome as a table / laptop replacement. Visual Studio and SQL Server Developer Edition run very quickly.

Finally, it is worth noting that this is not a games machine. I have gone for the top spec i7 and Bioshock Infinite is barely playable. I’m hoping that it might run the 20th anniversary edition of Gabriel Knight though…